Time. Time is something that I know we all wish we had more of.

People say time is money, and while that may be true it is so much more as well. Time is joy and happiness, time is fun, and time is also memories. It can be spent doing so many things such as getting to know your family or even something as extravagant as learning a foreign language. But you are spending it at work, reading this article, hoping your boss doesn’t happen to walk past your desk.

Done your check, is the coast clear? All good. Now I don’t want what I said to come across as a sort of backhanded accusation. Work is an important part of life and we all need to be doing it. Money doesn’t come from trees and that’s an unfortunate fact we are all very well aware of. Need to keep the lights on, the water running and most importantly… the wifi wifiying. We all know the hell that would break loose if your internet suddenly stopped doing it thing. The kids emerge from there caves, a rare sight only seen when the subject is in need of food or drink or when its umbilical cord to the world is severed.


Point being money is important and all that time spent at work is too, it regrettably pries you away from other important things, one case being the aforementioned kids. It can feel like you are growing distant from them and eventually, you might not know them at all. Luckily one of the things that kids respond well to is food. And urban direct has just the right fix.

The Urban Direct family size boxes provide a perfect platform to get to know these strangers who can sometimes feel less like your own children and more like that weird roommate that you never see but still leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Home cooked meals give a perfect opportunity for bonding. Get the kids involved by giving them a job to do like cutting the peppers or mixing the meatballs, put some music on and have yourself your own little food party, whilst chatting and just generally having a good time. Then sit down at the table with some tasty, healthy UD food and talk to one another. You might find that your estranged roommates are actually pleasant people. Bonds formed over food tend to last.

With this to look forward to everyday after work, the hours will fly past. And a friendly reminder from the urban UD team… you might want to do another head swivel for your boss. Clear? Well don’t waste any more time, your family party in a box is just a few clicks away.


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