How to Become a Better Cook the Easy Way

There is so much more to eating than ordering take-outs. Cooking is easy if you apply these simple tips. Make it even easier and order an Urban Direct dinner kit!

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10 Tips to Make Your Cooking Experience Easy and Fun

1. Use Fresh Herbs to Season Your Dish

There’s so much more to seasoning than using salt and pepper. Season your food with fresh seasonal herbs before adding other flavours. Try using different herbs and spices with different dishes. This is a great way to get the best out of healthy cooking.

  • Think of fresh herbs as the magic component of your food. They add interest, depth, and something special to every dish.
  • Grow a couple of herbs on your kitchen windowsill. This way you can pick a few when rustling up and omelette or a perfect pasta dish.
  • Transform the plainest meals into masterpieces. You can easily do this by adding that boost of flavour. Seasonal fruit, veg, and herbs are your best bet.

2. Use Sharp Knives to Improve Your Culinary Skills

The best tool in your kitchen is a sharp knife. It makes chopping and prepping a pleasure. Believe it or not, sharp knives make cooking easy. It reduces unnecessary time spent in the kitchen.

  • Sharp knives are safer. A dull knife can be dangerous, causing kitchen accidents.
  • Never place your knives in the dishwasher. Dishwashers dull knives.
  • Store your knives in a block or sleeve to avoid damage to the edges.
  • Only ever use wooden cutting boards. Glass and marble dull, chip, and break knives.

3. A Dash Of Acidity Can Bring Your Dish Back to Life

Add interest to any dish with a drop of acid. Acids include vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice, or any other citrus juice. No need to go to culinary school to make dishes exciting.

Get creative and add a dash of this and a bit of that. Your cooking will taste interesting if the dash is an acidic element! It takes no effort and a bit of imagination to put some life back into your dishes.

4. New Cooks Benefit from Following the Instructions

Follow the recipe from beginning to end to get a clear idea of the cooking process. Often the processes and techniques make a difference to the result. And they save on cooking time.

Reading your recipe from beginning to end will give a clear picture of what to do. Make life easy by understanding right from the start. It will also make it easy to cook a dish and turn a negative activity into a positive experience.

5. A Thermometer Will Get You Cooking like a Pro

There’s no need to cut the meat to check to see if it’s cooked or poke the baked bread and boiling water. All cuts of meat benefit from a good thermometer, as will your tender skin when you need to check the temperature of baked goods or liquids. Keep the juices and flavours in meat dishes like a pro and ensure your food doesn’t burn or flop with a handy food thermometer.

6. Switch Salt to Make a Difference to Your Dish’s Flavour

Salt can make all the difference to a dish. If you are used to iodised salt, switch to Kosher Salt or Himalayan salt. Both have large granules that make it difficult to use too much.

    • Taste your food and add salt only if you need it.
    • Salt as you cook. This is a good way to add layers to your flavour.
    • Only steer away from salt if you have health issues.

7. Taste, Taste, Taste as You Cook

Did you know that as you cook, the flavours develop? Some might taste saltier, or some might need salt added. This also applies to acidity in your cooking. Tasting as you cook will give you the complete picture.

8. Use What’s in Season.

Using what’s in season is a smart idea. Not only is it cost effective, it is also readily available. This is the reason continental cooking tastes so good.
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Stock up wherever you can on local fruit and veg. Local eggs, meat, and fish are all good ingredients to use. You support the local community and cash on what’s fresh.

9. Roast Veggies for Great Results

Roasting veg is a great way to cook them just right. It keeps the flavours in and captures all the goodness.

The best way to roast vegetables is to give them plenty of room. Make sure every portion has plenty of space. This ensures the hot air from the oven circulates around them. Instead of crowding them, rather use two dishes or baking sheets.

10. How a Well-Stocked Food Cupboard Helps Novice Cooks.

It’s easy to cook if you have the right staples in your store cupboard. Ensure you have a wide range of fruit and veg, eggs, milk, and other ingredients. Staples include flour, baking powder, salt, herbs, spices, and sauces. Other staples are olive oil, basmati rice,  and more.


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