Whether we are living through a lockdown period or other times of crises, life continues regardless of what goes on around us. Babies are born, couples get married, loved ones die and some of us fall ill or need hospital procedures. 

The emotional impact of any crisis will intensify a time of grieving or a time of loneliness. This is a time when life-changing events are usually shared with friends and family, but due to the strict rules in place and the restriction of sharing important moments, we often cannot share these moments together. However, there are ways and means of showing how much you care even if you are not able to do so in person. 

When a Baby is Born Send Food Not Flowers – Here’s Why 

The birth of a baby is always a joyous occasion and is usually shared with parents and grandparents, friends, aunts, and uncles. It is the time for great celebration and sending the mother of newborn flowers is the norm. 

COVID-19 has changed all that and many of us won’t be able to hold the newborn baby or visit the proud new parents. Think out of the box and send a gift of thoughtfulness instead of the usual bouquet. This is a time where helping hands might be in short supplywhat better way to say you care or your thoughts are with the new parents than a couple of easy to prepare meals? 

Our selection of Classic, Veggie, or Low GI meals will suit all palates, and if you are not sure which ones will be best suited to the diet of the recipient, then send a box of mixed meals to suit every palate and satiate all hungry individuals. 

A new baby is difficult to take care of when the new mom has just had a caesarean, or if it is her first baby. This is the time when every bit of help will go a long way in making it easier. Instead of sending flowers, send a selection of easy to prepare meals to assist. 

Urban Direct ensures you will enjoy a delicious selection of meals that our chefs have conjured up for you. There are a couple of plans that you can choose from and if you prefer you can have a mixed selection. Once the selection is completed, a box of fresh seasonal ingredients is prepared and sent to the proud new parents. 

Send Food Not Flowers to The Grieving Family – Here’s Why 

When someone you love dies, you are feeling devastated and are not in the mood to think of preparing food and meals. The best thing you can do for a family in mourning is to send a week’s worth of meals (or ore), instead of flowers that are usually sent in vast numbers and great abundance. Often there are so many blooms that one cannot remember who sent what. Food, on the other hand, will take care of the mourners so that they can focus on other more important matters. 

Send a weeks’ worth (or more) of meals to a grieving family which is the perfect time to do so. This is especially the case during lockdown as mourners are in limited numbers where the gathering of crowds is not permitted. Show how much you care by sending a thoughtful gift of meals.There is no shopping and no fuss. Choose a gift of thoughtfulness and share your love this way. 

Send Food Not Flowers to Someone Who Has Just Come out of Hospital 

Life goes on during lockdown and after lockdown. If someone has had surgery or been ill and had a stay in hospital, they are often not able to make food for themselves, especially if they are elderly or live alone. 

Sending a week’s worth of meals instead of the usual flowers once they have come home is a great idea. This is when good thoughts matter the most. By this stage, most of the flowers sent during a hospital stay would have started to wither.  

Go one step further and send food instead of flowers once the patient is recuperating at home. Choose Low GI options if there are dietary restrictions, or the veggie box if heavier meals are limited or restricted. 

At Urban Direct we have a meal for every occasion and a meal for every circumstance before, during and after lockdown as life continues its course. 
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