It is natural to turn to comfort food when we are stresseor find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control. COVID19 has restricted our movements, closed gyms, stopped us initially from taking long walks and hikes and preventing us from socialising on so many levels. 

It is natural to turn to food when we are facing problems whether it is losing loved ones, job losses or if we are worried about what will happen in our country and the world in general as the pandemic stretches what seems into eternity. 

Let us turn a negative into a positive and do everything in our power to ensure we remain in good health and that our immune systems are given a boost by eating healthily. Ditch the bad stuff and instead start thinking about eating more organically. 

At Urban Direct we are fully aware of how important it is to eat properly. We source food that is ethically and organically produced wherever possible. Furthermore, our packaging is biodegradable to a large extent for those individuals that are aware of the environment. 

There is so much going on around us. Many families are working from home and children have been home-schooled for a large part of 2020. The pressure is on and families are now finding it difficult to shop, prepare meals and keep a healthy diet, let alone source food that is grown correctly and organically. Now more than ever it is important to maintain and sustain our health and that of our families. 

Putting on weight during lockdown will expose us to viruses and germs, making us vulnerable to catching diseases and illnesses. It is time to eat well, get into great shape and cook what is good for us. 

Here Are Ten Reasons Why Organic Is Best 

  • Organically grown foods are rich in nutrients which they get directly from the earth – if the earth is rich then there is no need for artificial fertilisers 
  • Organic farming is kind to the earth. Non-organic foods are sprayed with toxins and chemicals that are harmful to the soil and living organisms that are needed to keep the soil rich and healthy. Spraying of crops kills these useful and valuable organisms 
  • Individuals that are prone to allergies resulting from pesticides, preservatives and chemicals will benefit from organic food as it is exposed to fewer pesticides 
  • Your immunity will be given a boost when you eat organically, which will result in your general all-round health fighting diseases and illnesses. This is especially important as the COVID19 virus continues to wreak havoc on the health of millions right across the globe 
  • You will look great and you will shed kilos without trying too hard, making you summerready and hopefully beach ready once the pandemic begins to subside and we can enjoy the beach and the sea once again 
  • Food that is organically grown is healthy for the whole family from the youngest to the oldest family members 
  • Organically grown foods taste better than those that are not. Stressed animals do not produce tender meat – the same applies to plants that grow under stressful situations. When plants need to dig deep for nutrients they become “stressed” and the energy that should go into the growth of fruit and veg is instead going into focusing on surviving 
  • Everything ends up in the ocean eventually. When crops are sprayed with chemicals these will eventually end up in the rivers, lakes or in the soil. Chemicals also run off into the ocean when it rains. Toxins kill everything in the oceans and on our crops 
  • Avoid GMOs through eating organic foods. The best way to avoid eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is by eating organically as these are not permitted in organic products. Farmers are not permitted to make use of GMO seeds. Cows cannot eat GMO corn or alfalfa that is genetically modified either. Farmers are requested to prove that they do not use any GMOs and that they are protecting their crops and livestock from using GMOs 
  • There are no colourantsflavours and preservatives found in organic food which results in a healthier diet. Processed conventional foods are targeted at parents and children. Many additives are addictive which could lead to many health issues. These often include diabetes, ADHD and other health issues 

Get your body summerready by eating a healthy, organic diet today. Order a veggie box or a low G.I meal from Urban Direct to save money and time by ordering meals to prepare in the comfort of your home. Our fresh ingredients are sourced from ethically and sustainably produced ingredients wherever possible. 
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