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“After a While Your Mom Will Need a Break from Cooking Plus Her Cooking Is Getting Tired” 
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During lockdown mom has made all her favourite recipes, baked scones, made crumpets for breakfast, tried out new cake recipes and everyone was eager to assist – that was, for the first 21 days of lockdown when we all thought it would be over and done with and we were free to go where and when we wanted once life returned to “normal”, but that was not to be. We were all in for a rather big surprise; lockdown was extended and being aware of healthy eating, cleanliness, sanitising and cooking and cleaning has become part of our new normal. Mom is now beginning to get tired of the cooking and cleaning and making everyone in the family happy while still trying to be original and inspired, keeping hearth and home healthy while still making the fabulous dishes that have become rather tired. 

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Mom is doing more than her fair share of cooking, though. She is juggling teaching, cleaning, watering the garden, shopping, working online and all the while trying to keep her sanity intact. 

Most families are working online, and school kids are only starting to trickle back at the end of June. Mom is tired, everyone is tired and fed up and let’s face it – the cooking is becoming – BORING! 

There is no time like the present to step up and think out of the box, and for goodness sakes give poor mom a break. Not only is she trying to everything – the help from everyone that was so forthcoming at the beginning of lockdown has dwindled to reluctance and almost mutiny! 

 Now more than ever before it is important to ensure your family eats well and that the food is satisfying, delicious and of a high standard; kids need to be kept healthy, immune systems need to be bolstered by eating right, but dont despair, there is help a click away. 

The answer lies with Urban Direct. We offer fun and different menus and dishes, and the best part of all is that you don’t have to leave your home or visit the shops for all the ingredients for the delicious and different recipes we have conjured for families keen to try out. 

Our menus are inspirational, different, fresh and fun. Whether you love veggies or whether you are a family keen on keeping it traditional, we have you covered. We understand many devotees love to keep trim waistlines – we have thought these out, too. Our meals cover Low GI, Classic, and Veggie, and if you love everything you can choose a mixture of all the fabulous fare. 

Here’s Why Ordering Your Menus in Makes A Difference 

  • Less stress 
  • More variety 
  • No more shopping for ingredients (now more than ever it is important to stay home to stay safe) 
  • You don’t have to plan meals which can be the most difficult part of cooking 
  • Learn new skills and recipes 
  • Experience exciting flavours 
  • It makes little difference if someone in the family has dietary requirements – we cater for all people with several needs 
  • We offer excellent, tasty meal options for those watching their weight 
  • Seasonal food means fresh ingredients every time 
  • Low GI, Veggie, Classic and Mixed Boxes ensure everyone’s tastes are considered – simply make your selection  

Give Mom a Cooking Holiday 

Mom’s meals need not be missed with the delectable selection of meals available when selecting the Classic Box. Enjoy pasta, roasts, oven bakes, and lasagnas without the fuss and hard work while mom has a day off from cooking and shopping. Let the family do the cooking with these easy to follow recipes, and as winter creeps up and lockdown eases off, comfort food will become the order of the dayOur selection includes a wide range of veggies, proteins, and whole grains. The fun part is that we include all of these in our Classic selection where the heart of the home is still the kitchen but without all the fuss and bother. Focus on having quality time with the family with easy cooking options now and beyond lockdown. 

Stay home and stay safe. By ordering menus in to compile in the comfort of your home you get the best of all worlds. You get “takeouts” in the comfort of your home without the worry of catching the COVID-19 virus that has made us fearful of venturing outside our homes or armed with masks, shields, sanitiser, and gloves. 

It is time to have fun with the family, and most exciting of all – you know that feeling of getting a bouquet delivered to your door or getting a surprise parcel delivered that you weren’t expecting? We deliver meals with the same anticipation of getting a surprise gift delivered right to your front door.  

The kids will love it, you will love it, and mom will find that this is the lifesaver of all lifesavers. Forget Wonder Woman or SpiderMan – Urban Direct is your new Superhero delivering food right to your door. Complete menus and ingredients delivered to your door are funky, fun, and simply wonderful. 

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