“Buy Double and Freeze the Rest to Save Time and Energy Feeding Hungry Families” 

The big lock-down we are all living through is making us think smart and to think a little out of the box, especially as far as getting food supplies and ensuring our families and loved ones are properly fed. Never has food been so important, playing such a critical role in our lives. The minute the lockdown was announced people rushed to the shops to get supplies of essentials and food because the panic and uncertainty led us to believe that shelves would be empty and that we would not be able to get what we needed. But this was not the case with the clever, forward-thinking leaders of our country. However, this still leaves families wondering how to get their shopping done safely in a world where a silent enemy in the form of the COVID-19 virus lurks.  

It is best to stay safe and stay home wherever possible, thus buying in bulk and planning meals in advance being the smartest way moving forward. Keeping our families fed and healthy in an uncertain climate is what counts most. Even the best cooks run out of creative ideas for meals. Don’t you think it is time for a stress-free cooking experience not having to conjure up magical meals daily? Have everything at your fingertips, measured, packed, and ready to put together by ordering meals to put together, delivered right to your door 

Be one step ahead by ordering DOUBLE each time. Cook two meals at once and pop one in the deep-freeze to place into the oven or microwave when you run out of time or don’t want to spend time in the kitchen. Your hungry family will love you for your careful planning and innovative ideas, and it won’t be necessary to go shopping for all the ingredients either. Furthermore, you will now be able to spend more time live-streaming a stunning series with the family or simply share a bit of downtime with the kids and your partner. There will now be more time to enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather by relaxing in the glorious sunshine sipping a glass of well-deserved wine. 

Nothing Beats a Stress-free Cooking Experience 

Your stress-free cooking experience is a user-friendly option where you don’t have to think about what to cook and have everything you need for meals for a week delivered to your front door. Put everything together like a master chef but remember to make it a double dose for convenience and a way to kill two birds with one stone. Choose meals that have been conjured by expert chefs where you can choose excellent meals made from quality ingredients packed and ready to cook and enjoy. 
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Make your selection of comfort and healthy foods which include Classic Boxes, Low-Gi options, and Mixed Boxes if you simply cannot make up your mind what to eat. Order your pasta, roasts, lasagnas, and oven bakes to suit a wide range of palates. 
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Get your selection delivered weekly with a reminder sent each week so that you can select how often you would like meals delivered. This way you will have your fresh food and ideas with recipes delivered every Monday. No week could start off on a happier and healthier note. 

Order Double Quantities of Comfort Food 

You know those wonderful meals your mother cooked when you were growing up getting you through good and bad times, your education, illnesses, and break-ups? You can order a DOUBLE quantity of all those stunning meals without batting an eyelid. These easy meals will satisfy the fussiest palates and include everything from grains to proteins. Winter is staring us in the eye and what better time to order a couple of classic meals for the entire family? 

Order Double Even When Watching the Scales 

 Don’t be put off if you are watching the scales and are conscious of your weight. Low-GI recipes will be delivered to your door so that you can cut back on unhealthy ingredients whilst balancing meal combinations that you will still love. Buy double to ensure you always have healthy options at your fingertips. A combination of healthy carbs with proteins is great for those keeping an eye on waistlines and the scales. 

Order A Double Dose of Veggie Meals 

If you are not a fan of veggies, you will soon become one once you have tried out the interesting options and exciting vegetable combinations. Vegans take note, though, that the veggie recipes contain dairy products. 

 Order Double Even When You Cannot Make Up Your Mind 

Cannot make up your mind because the choices are too delicious, and you simply cannot choose? Make up your own menu and choose from all the different menu options – the world is indeed your oyster with a mixed box of meal options 

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Whatever you decide to do and however you choose to feed your hungry family, make it a pleasant experience by ordering that double dose, freezing one for emergencies – there is no better way to shop and to cook. 

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