I see you… sitting there with your salad. Feeling awful proud of the crispy lettuce, blood-red tomatoes, and let’s not forget the amazing cucumber.”

Sitting there eating this salad, contemplating the decisions in your life that have led you to eat a salad while sadly wafting the smell of bacon over your meal, trying to forget the dull existence of the lettuce that all of a sudden is not so crispy.

Living healthy is a struggle that all of us face or will have to face at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a crippling need for carbs in your life or a complete lack of motivation to do anything remotely active. When the only running is done in your household is done by your refrigerator, it’s probably time to make a change. Unfortunately, “living” healthy takes more than speaking about vegetables on a daily basis. If the quest is to live healthy, it requires a complete overhaul of your existence and mind-set. Wow… that sounds like … a lot. Yeah, I get you. But it’s actually a far easier than it sounds. You don’t need to go zero to keto immediately. With a gradual introduction, the adjustment would be nowhere near as difficult if you were to go cold turkey on literally everything that’s not kale. But with that said it does start with healthy eating.

Eat Cleaner

The food mass-produced and marketed to us today is, for lack of a better word, disgusting. Fully processed with more E-preservatives than registered E-tags in our country. Constantly marketed as “full of flavour” and “longer lasting”, if you have to ask why bacteria doesn’t even want to eat it, should you even consider putting it in your body? But it’s convenient you say. I understand that the work world is a busy place, a hurricane of deadlines, paperwork and who knows what else, coupled with trying to balance a healthy social life. Looking after yourself physically starts to get lost in the storm. 

Eating healthily and exercise

Eating healthily and exercise become things of the past as you battle to keep up with everything else going on in your life. Work needs to be done; children (if that pertains to you) take preference over anything you might like to do for yourself. Although the factors of work, family, and friends are important in everyone’s life, you cannot let your own wellbeing fall behind to accommodate them. A regular gym schedule is recommended and of course not slowly decaying yourself with noxious food”

Before getting an exercise schedule going, you’ll have to start eating right. Urban Direct is a perfect answer to the time-consuming life of anyone alive in the 21st century. To start your journey to good health, we recommend a Low GI box from Urban direct. The perfect convenience of a pre-packed meal delivered directly to your doorstep. Urban cooking has never been done easier. No more wasting your life in lines at a grocery store for the measly 3 tomatoes that you forgot on your weekly shopping trip. More exercising your muscles instead of exercising your patience.

So go ahead and make those first few clicks to a better life. Because everyone knows that the storm of the workplace is weathered better when you are healthy, happy, and fit.

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